Case Study: Drones in Aerial Mapping

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Aerial Mapping has been made easy and accessible and we can give a big thanks to drones for this.  It allows clients and stakeholders to receive real time, actionable data, and high definition topographic and orthomosaic maps in a timely fashion.  Aerial Mapping services capture high resolution three dimensional terrain measurements with precision and accuracy.


How Drones Can Help

Orthophotos are valuable for planning, planimetric drawings, putting behind drawings, and communicating the feel of the land to the clients and stakeholders.  Surface models enable surveyors to produce contours, break-lines, and a full line of work of all features. These prove valuable if a team misses collecting or labeling a point in the field.  The orthophoto model allows them to pull that point digitally without having to make another trip to the site. The outputs of drones are no different than those of traditional means. UAVs just means it can be done faster and cheaper.  Drones are tools that can make surveyors more efficient and effective without having to make a change to the surveying process.




By utilizing drones, surveyors have the possibility of completing a job in 60% less time than by conventional methods and this comes down to man-hours.  A 10 acre plot conventionally takes a two-man team and sixteen hours. The same job done by a drone takes a total of six hours including set-up and flight.  



Drones significantly improve the safety of surveyors by taking them out of harm’s way.  Between active roads and dangerous terrain, surveyors are often exposed to significant dangers in order to capture points on the ground.  

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