Project Profile: Tampa, Florida Building Inspection

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Using a quality UAS piloted by an experienced pilot that is also an expert in building envelopes and roof systems is an extremely valuable tool. Recently we were asked to find the source of leaks in a luxury high-rise hotel near the waterfront in downtown Tampa, Florida.  The building was less than 10 years old and the roof had leaked over the main lobby since it was built.

The roof had limited access and getting a ladder up there would be very difficult, and the danger of climbing on a steep roof over 300’ tall was off the charts. However, we soon had one of our drones hovering over the building gathering high resolution 20 mega pixel pics of every angle and focusing on any defect within sight.  The winds were a little brisk that day, but they were no problem for our UAS, and we soon had located and documented several problems that clearly were the cause of the problems.

But since we were shooting in such a picturesque location and on such a unique structure, we had to take a few minutes and gather some interesting shots just for our own enjoyment…and to share with our friends.

This is just one more mission where our drones have gathered critical data on tall, challenging structures safely, without interruption to the facility operations and at much less cost than conventional methods.

UAS represents the future of building inspection and Aerial Visions is the leader in this the use of this type of technology to get the results needed.  Enjoy these interesting images taken during this important yet very fun mission.  We love what we do at Aerial Visions, and it shows here.

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