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Wheeling, W. VA Historical Buildings

We were contracted by a construction industry consultant / architect to perform a building envelope inspection on a 2 square block area in the historical area of Wheeling W. Va. that was about to part of a renaissance in that area of town.  Although the buildings initially appeared to have no flight restrictions from airspace classifications, we soon found the structures were just inside the prohibited perimeter no fly zone due to proximity to a State Correctional System Processing Center.  This would be a mission killer for most Drone Service Providers, but we knew the proper procedures and how to contact the various authorities to achieve authorizations necessary for our aircraft to fly the mission in compliance and complete the objective inspection.

Although the structure was not as tall as others we have inspected, the structural issues on the building envelope were many and quite serious.  Brick on some areas of the structure were literally ready to fall to the sidewalks and roof areas below. We were able to show them serious vertical cracks in the masonry structure and other areas that needed immediate attention.  

Although this mission flight was not as technically challenging for our skills and equipment, the library (over 400) of high resolution pics we gathered were critical in their efforts to raise funding and develop a restoration plan to restore these ornate old buildings to their past glory.  This flight part of the mission was completed in one day and without the expense and safety exposure of conventional inspection methods.






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