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Former Cleveland Athletic Club January 2017

This once iconic landmark building located in the Playhouse Square area of downtown Cleveland had seen better days. Standing over 16 stories and over 200’ the ornate building envelope was deteriorating and crumbling to the point some areas were presenting a fall hazard to the sidewalks and streets below.
When contracted by a prominent historical restoration contractor to perform a thorough inspection of the entire building envelope and related details we knew there would be challenges. But what was unexpected was the total loss of GPS signal in many areas combined with multiple types of radio signal interference from the many businesses and electrical systems in the area.

However, our determination to provide a good inspection of this amazing old structure prevailed and combined with some ingenuity and experience developed through conducting many successful missions under difficult conditions we found ways to overcome the challenges and get the job done.

Some of the upper areas in the rear of the building had never been inspected before and we were able to provide high resolution pics to the building professional involved that showed immediate action was needed to prevent imminent fall hazards from becoming a dangerous reality. Although temperatures were in the mid 20’s with winds at 15 MPH and gusting we carefully and safely compiled a library of over 600 high resolution digital pics that were instrumental in developing a proper renovation plan needed to restore this old building to its original beauty.

This mission was completed in one day without road blockage or even total sidewalk shutdowns. Using our UAS based camera platforms was much safer and faster than conventional inspection methods as well as completed at a fraction of the cost.

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