Project Profile: Drones for Tall Building Inspections

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Recently a client had completed a very upscale apartment building in a very busy and trendy part of the city.  This was a building with spectacular city views, a rooftop pool with a lounge or party area. Although this luxury building was completed only a few months ago, they were experiencing water entry along certain walls and window areas on the fifth and sixth floors, well beyond reach with a ladder.  


Clearly use of our drones with the high resolution images they capture was the most effective means to inspect these areas for defects and causes of water entry.   The close proximity of other buildings and limited access presented some challenges, but soon we had over 200 high resolution pics of the various wall panel, brick and window structures to review.  The detail of the pictures taken by our drones is amazing, and when reviewing they can be enlarged with a mouse click while still keeping the resolution.  Soon we had located a number of critical details and installation flaws that clearly needed addressed to stop the water entry and prevent further damage to the building envelope.  

Although all construction projects have Job Superintendents and Project Managers to oversee these installations, they tend to get busy and can’t be looking over every trade and their workmen. Our drone technology offers many techniques to help manage construction sites and monitor them for safety compliance, proper installation and completeness.  Flying the site on a regular basis provides thousands of images that can be reviewed for compliance and correctness but also serves as a time and date stamped record of the job site progress.  


Although there is a cost factor in drone use on construction sites, the expense is relatively negligible in context to the project budget, and the information provided can prevent minor defects that could develop into major expenses if not detected.  The use of drones and the programs available with this technology is the way of the future, and redundant job site documentation will soon be a required part of every project specification.  


Aerial Visions offers a unique combination of skills and technologies that will make your construction related company a leader in your industry.  We offer the technology and skills of FAA Compliant UAS drones paired with decades of experience in commercial construction. We have the equipment and skills to operate the drones in difficult, high elevation environments, and the knowledge and experience to know what to look for on the structures.  


The cost of our services will be recovered on every project and often in multiples, and this technology is available to you today…just call us at Aerial Visions and we will demonstrate why we are the industry leader in job site documentation and structure inspection. 

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